Dog Blog 2018.1

My blog is long over due, my last was in September, I’d gotten out of the habit, mainly updating my Facebook pages instead of my website, it simply won’t do….

So as a quick roundup since then, I can report that my intake of dogs has been fun, hectic at times, but all worth while.

We at Chasehounds assess all dogs presented to us for boarding or daycare for their health, sociability and temperament, but always within pet care guidelines,as your dog’s safety and needs must come first!

Moving on, below are a few images of my customer’s dogs posted here at random, enjoy.

Archie – American Bulldog Cross – a gentle, emotional soul, who loves to play.

Rory the Labrador, and Mishka the Siberian Husky return regularly for daycare

Mishka helps to socialize pups like Louis

Handsome Archie

Maggie the Staffy has regular walking from me.

Archie has a laugh, and Lulu returns for a holiday with us.

Rory at Haloween

Lola, pug cross is keen, alert and loves to have fun with other dogs.

Little Chester… Awwh say no more

Rosie returns for a holiday, gorgeous snowy white retriever, so caring with everyone, just lovely. She helps pups, and comforts them when tired.


Oscar above, and Arch below caring like a good daycare dad

A rare one, a Blue Frenchie, rang in the new year with us!

And finally, we look ahead to another year of offering quality care for your dogs.

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Dog Blog August 2017

Hello viewers, and welcome to a summary of some of the dogs that I boarded during August. First off the line is Bert, a miniature Schnauzer, and what a lovely boy he is too! He is only young less than a year, as I write he is sitting on my lap at the table, supervising me using my laptop.

Schnauzer dog boarding

Me and Bert

We had some nice adventures together walking over Cannock Chase this summer, I’m looking forward to seeing him again around Christmas time, as his owners have rebooked him with me. Thank you for the repeat business!

I like this breed, Bert is going to be on the large size for a miniature but who cares! I’ll leave the breed standards debate to the breeders, regardless of size he’s a great dog!

Bert and I walked ourselves tired in the morning!

Next up Major the Blonde Labrador returned to board at short notice… his owners aimed to take him to their caravan on a family holiday, but they found out that they did not to have enough room for him in their car!! Ooops!
I’ve cared for him many times so only too pleased to help, and they’re children were happy as they know from my phone updates and Facebook that Major always makes new friends when he’s here. Everyone had a great time, and I got another booking.

My Doggy Day Care Service is also going well of late, I’ve won some regular weekday contracts that will start next month, in between these regular booking I have old friends returning as and when should the need arise in anyone’s life to attend to matters, but circumstances preclude the dog from coming too. Below we see Bertie and Belle a brace of Springer Spaniels, they are devoted dogs to their mum and dad, so I tried my best to make them comfortable.

Next out of the traps! is Bella a greyhound originally from Ireland! (Ah Ireland the land of me fore-fathers!…any chance of an EU passport post brexit?!). Take a look at this beauty below, what a running ‘machine’ she was, now retired, but still very active.
I’ll be looking after her again soon, the owner plays golf, so as a responsible dog lover he lets me care for her when the coarse is calling him…Fore!

I made another new friend this month, his name is Archie, a cross between an American Bulldog an a Staffie, I’ve not seen one before but I think he’s very handsome. What say you?

Archie is sporting a new harness that his owner bought for him, I’d not seen the brand before, and was impressed with is strength of construction, rather like Archie himself! The harness is available on Amazon, and I’ve now adopted using them with more the powerful bigger dogs, just in case I need the control. That said Archie is a gentlemen and never gives me cause for concern when we’re out walking.
Archie may be a strong looking dog, some people may be weary of, but as you can see, he mixes very well. He has a loving lady owner, and he’s a clever boy. Above he is mixing with Mickey a Cocker Springer on a walk, and directly above my friends 17 year old Jack Russell, Jack, who needed some TLC and to be around dogs as he had just lost his life long friend and brother due to old age. Archie stayed with Jack and showed him the garden, as Jack is nearly blind, deaf, and almost toothless. It’s as if they know not to bother an old dog too much, and help if necessary, Archie did this, what a brilliant dog.

Back to the boarders and I welcomed Benjie a King Charles Spaniel and Bubba the Pug for a few weeks. They are of similar age, Benjie, has a party piece, he sings back to you, and Bubba is very affectionate. Below they are here with Jack, Brian (Parsons Jack Russell) out on the walk, and they were joined by Rolo a caramel coloured cavalier spaniel.

  As well as the dog boarding and the dog day care at home, I make visits to dogs where the owner prefers me to take their pets out for walks from their own home. One such is Lexie a staffie cross, whose owners play in a band, so in the evenings they are gigging I make visits to Lexie, walk and fed her, so she is comfortable, in her own home, waiting for mum and dad to get back from the stage.

Finally this month I wrap this August blog up with one to melt your hearts…. This is Louis, a Frenchie pup, these are a popular breed at the moment, so I’m not letting him out of my sight. I’m working with his owners to try and get his diet right as he’s having some digestive problems, it may take time to get the balance right but we’ll get there. He’s ace, love him!

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Cider with Rosie (other beverages are available)

Welcome everybody to another blog from Chase Hounds, I must apologise firstly for not being able to blog about our boarding dogs since early August, this is purely down to being so busy during the holiday season.  I do update daily on my Chase Hounds Facebook page link –

That said, I’m delighted to share with you Rosie, a Golden Retriever bitch, as you can see she is beautiful. Remarkably I met her owners on a Dow boat in the Arabian sea whilst on holiday! Sounds far fetched but true, we caught a boat trip completely at random, and to our mutual surprise we discovered that we and Rosie’s owners came from the same town in England.

So after the holiday I sent some photos of our time together on the Dow, and later in the year the owners asked if we could board Rosie while they went away sailing again. Small world isn’t it!

Golden Retriever Jack Russell dog boarding staffordshireRosie seen above loved Brian’s company as he is full of energy and loves to play, they rolled around the lounge together playing most of the day. After boarding dogs for some time now, it never ceases to surprise me how dogs adapt to new surroundings quickly. You wonder to yourself, will they bond? They often do, as long as I am sensible with my choices as to what dogs are likely to get on with each other, and build my bookings diary according to their temperaments.


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We love Brian!

We welcome Brian today! We have been playing in the garden, fetch the ball, and pull, he’s very good at both. Brian is very playful & intelligent he’s as clever as Brian Cox, and full of life like Brian Blessed. Do you know another famous Brian?

Jack Russell

Jack Russell

Anyone that meets Brian will fall for him, he has such a character, his owners asked us to wear him out a little as they were concerned he was getting upset and lonely in the daytime  whilst they were both at work. And as a result of being left alone in the day he was full of beans at night when they were understandably tired.

 We at Chasehounds offer a great service to make sure any dogs in our care are entertained and fully exercised, so that they are more content for their owners at home. I’ll let these picture below tell the story, we see Brian weekly now and that’s just great!


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Maisie and Charlie dog boarding at chasehounds

We boarded two lovely dogs in June, for over 2 weeks, namely Charlie and Maisie. Here we see Charlie a Yorkshire Terrier how is now content after I cooked him mince. At first Charlie was a bit off his food, missing his owners, but got better throughout his stay.

Dog boarding at Chasehounds

Dog boarding at Chasehounds

During their stay Major returned to me for a few nights stay, he’s so lovable, and good with any other dogs. He helps me settle dogs in as he loves to play with new friends and this distracts the new boarders from missing home.

Maisie the Black Labrador (Charlie’s sister) enjoyed playing with Major, they were similar ages, and by their mutual behaviour, love would have been on the cards. However both dogs were neutered, I always check any dogs medical cards  that come here, before mixing them.

Maisie was so gentle and considerate, even though Major was distracting her affections, she always made time to check on her little brother Charlie.

Everyday, twice a day Maisie and Charlie had their walks, Charlie initially showed a lot of nervousness about going out. Their owners advised that we could sometimes leave Charlie at home, but I dont leave dogs in my care. As it turned out, once we left the house he loved it and walked every step next to his much bigger sister dog Maisie. I was really impressed with Charlie’s fitness.

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On hot sunny day like this only cold cocktail sausages straight from the fridge will do! #dog boarding #daycare #staffordshire

Dog daycare

Cocker spaniel daycare

Continue reading

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Roxy, Music, and Daycare

Roxy the Maltese popped in for a few hours Daycare in June. She is very petite but strong willed. She loves chicken, and her little plush toys, that are nearly as big as she is. 😃 she can be distant, but I won her affection after a while with treats and gentle encouragement.

Dog , daycare

Roxy dog daycare

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Taking the Mickey

Dog boarding, Staffordshire, CannockHey Mickey your so fine, your so fine, you blow my mind, hey Mickey!

Scroll down to see more images of Mickey a 1 year old cocker spaniel. He’s a character, full of fun, loyal, loving, loves fuss, and play. I feel fortunate to be having Mickey staying with me on a regular basis.

This breed is well known to be very active, always wishing to be busy, intelligent, and very loyal to their owners. Mickey is all of this and more, when we walk together he constantly checks around, investigating in the bracken, tail wagging with excitement. He’s bright too, for example if I hide something, and I want him to search an area for it, he takes instruction as much from where my hands are pointing,  as my voice, in fact if I say nothing and merely point to something he’ll go to the area and investigate. Very clever most dogs can’t read  hand signals, and would just look at your finger, and not where you are pointing to. No wonder the customs office and police forces use them to detect for drugs people and firearms.

Dog boarding, Staffordshire, Cannock

Dog boarding, Staffordshire, Cannock

Dog boarding, Staffordshire, Cannock

Dog boarding, Staffordshire, Cannock


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Private Bongo is posted to Chasehounds

This gallery contains 6 photos.

Here we have Bongo, a black Labrador with some military background. He’s retired now as Bongo is 11 years old, but in his youth he was an Army sniffer dog, trained to detect explosives. Bongo came to me at short … Continue reading

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Husky Mishka returns for some doggy daycare

I’m overjoyed to see Mishka again, and hasn’t she grown! She has been to puppy classes and now that her injections are complete we have been out for walks.

Wake up Mishka we need to get some exercise! I may regret that statement, as give her a couple of months and it will be me being woken up by her for another walk.
Those of you who have read my earlier blogs will have noticed how much she has grown since March. Lamb bones are a particular favorite of Mishka’s.
Mishka loves nothing more than being outside, which is typical of this breed. She has wonderful owners that understand her needs, she’s an outdoors girl, and is developing into a great example of the breed. When Mishka needs a rest she more often than not lies out in the yard. Occasionally she settles by me in the lounge, but only if I have all the doors and windows open! I guess it’s because her coat is geared up for Siberian Winters, and to her the U.K. climate is like that of Southern Spain to us Brits.

Wolfy looking Mishka knows what she wants, and that’s Meat, Walks, Sleep, oh and more Meat.

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