Attention! Major’s here

Stand by your beds! Major the Labrador has given Chasehounds an inspection.
After taking a little time to get his bearings Major settled in well. Major is very loving and easy to get along with, a perfect family dog, his only wish is to please you.
Major is three years old, and does everything with enthusiasm, be that eating his dinner, playing with his ball, or just having a cuddle. He loves company and he is happiest being with the family.

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Welcome back Percy!

Border Collie

Hello Percy

My old friend Percy returned to Chasehounds for another short stay boarding. We had lots of fun, walking in the woods, and playing tug with his rope of plastic sausages. More visits to follow this year, and Percy is doing well, for 11 years old, even if his legs get stiff at times. I will be starting a Physiotherapy course this summer, that focuses on easing mobility for older dogs, the injured, and those that suffer with arthritis.

Dog Boarding

Percy walks over Cannock Chase

Dog Walking

Percy investigates

Percy drinks tea

Percy likes his Tea

Dog daycare

Percy resting

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Mishka From Russia With Love

I’ve just had the pleasure of caring for a 14 week old Siberian Husky called Mishka, which is Russian for ‘Bear’. She is so intelligent, keen to learn, and a joy to be around. She prefers the outdoors, as this is a breed that naturally thrives in harsh conditions whilst hunting to sustain the pack. It is hard to confirm this when she is still a young pup, and obviously so photogenic.


Mishka plays with Boris

She is growing fast and loves raw meat, so it won’t be long before she will need a lot more exercise, and things to do to keep her well. On occasion I have seen Huskys on Cannock Chase being driven in harness as they pull a wheeled sled, our annual snow fall being somewhat less than the forests and plains of Siberia.

Mishka is very doing well, at less than 4 months she was sitting, lying, and shaking a poor to command. Very impressive. We spent our days together playing in the garden, and she loves to strip the meat of cooked lamb leg bones.


Mishka has her nap

I observed with wonder and delight Mishka showing her hunting behaviors, pouncing on her pray, like Boris the Bear. Also twisting her pray around as if to kill it, or break it up, that included me fingers at times. So a glove was employed as she was only playing with me, but poor Boris the Teddy Bear came in for a roughing up.


Who are you?

If you want to know more about how this fascinating breed, take a look at them on YouTube, and you can see just how hardy, and useful they are as a hunting dog in the frozen wastes of Russia, and my beloved Scandinavia. They are so close to Wolves, just like Cannock.


Boris the Bear Submits to Mishka, Bogdan the Monkey is next, and he knows it!







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Huey Jambone and the Brews

I recently cared for Huey a beautiful Beagle, he was full of fun and has a great temperament. I hope  to see him again, as I need more exercise.

Cannock Chase

Huey on Cannock Chase

He is a great cross country runner, on the lead, he showed his breeding by leading the way and howling with excitement as we went, covering 5 miles over the forest in no time!

Jambone Beagle

Huey Jambone

He could have easily run far more, but my knees had had enough, so on our return it was feet up with a brew for me and a Jambone treat for my new running mate.

Huey Sleeping

Dog Walking Dog Boarding

Huey sleeping after 5 mile walk

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This gallery contains 6 photos.

As you can see from the images most of us had a wonderful day at Crufts. Lots to see and do for all the family and you can learn so much by chatting to breeders, handlers and judges. There was … Continue reading

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Springer Time in Hednesford

We’ve just had the privilege of boarding these two beautiful springer spaniels, Bertie & Belle for their loving owners Mandy & Chris from Wales.

Springer , Spaniels , Dog , Boarding

Springers my favourite

It meant a lot to their owners to find the right place   With which to board them, as they had never been left before. I provided them with lots of reassurance and activity as at first they were missing their Mom & Dad. One thing that helped to ease their mind was a trip out in the car to my Father in Law’s cottage, an environment they are used to, and once their they lay down for some fuss. Even better that when we returned home they seemed to remain calm.

Springer , Spaniels

Hmm? Where’s my Mum & Dad

On Alert, where are they? Don’t worry in here for you

We spent time in the garden playing fetch, Belle loved to retrieve and return, meanwhile Bertie loved to play ball with his sister Belle. They made a lovely team. A credit to their owners.

Dog , Boarding , Staffordshire

Good dogs lets play in the garden

They spent the night with us in our room to reassure them that they were safe and mom and dad would return soon. All in all we had a peaceful night, waking up with Belle in between us, and Bertie snoring on his bed next to me.

Dog , Boarding

Belle and Bertie snuggle down with me on the sofa

Our walks have been to the little spinney rather than onto Cannock Chase as per their owners wishes. We enjoyed little forays into a wooden stream area.

Dog , Boarding, Cannock Chase

Bertie & Jojo

Bertie and Belle like fuss, sausages, and walks, we specialise in all three, so they are relaxed now. I fell for these two Springer Spaniels in a big way so good natured and gorgeous to look at. They were with me every minute, and it was a pleasure to care for them for two nights. It was soon time for Mum & Dad to return so they had a little wash and brush up to look their best. Their reunion was exciting for all, and it was clear just how much both dogs and the owners love each other.

Thank you for viewing my blog, you can see more of Bertie & Belle’s adventures on video with me on Facebook @chase.hounds, or on Twitter @chase_hounds.

Please Like and Share it all helps to promote me, many thanks. Marc

Dog Boarding, Hednesford

Bertie&Belle Streaming Online!

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Welcome Cody & Brax to Chasehounds

Labradors , dog boarding , Cannock

Cody and Brax enjoying Cannock Chase

Here we see two beautiful young Labradors that boarded for a few nights with us recently. Cody is the blonde, and Brax is the chocolate Labrador, and is slightly younger.

They loved attention, play and of course being labs, water. My pond cover didn’t hold up to the Labrador test, but fortunately my mkII version did. It’s fair to say these dogs adore water, it is in their nature, so I set up the hose pipe in the yard and we also took trips out onto the chase to investigate the waters there.

They are both very healthy, full of vitality and strength, so I took care on their walks to keep them under control, we went to Milford Common and did some lead training with treats for their good behaviour.

After their fed in the evening they enjoyed play in the lounge with us, they soon settled down for some fuss and as the evening drawed on they began to fall asleep.

Continue reading

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Percy has a sleepover at Chasehounds

Dog , Boarding

Squirrel Nutkin meets Percy

Percy is a handsome Boarder Collie and stayed with me last week for an overnight visit. He’s 11 years young so loves to share play with his toys, namely, sausages on a rope, rubber chicken, basically anything that involved tugging on the other end of whatever toy took his fancy.

We first went to the park in Cannock, for a walk in the fading winter sun, and even though I was mindful that he was 11 he still showed me that he was willing to pick up the pace so we intermixed jogging and walking to improve our joint workout. I love how dogs are natural athletes whatever their age they love to exercise ❤️? Bless him.

For dinner he loved his quality dog mix, which provides all the vitamins and minerals he needs, I also added some fresh chicken.

Percy had a nap in the evening and occasionally looked to the door to see if his loving owners Louise and Kirsty were coming back, but as his bed was near I think he new it wouldn’t be long but tonight he would have to put up with my snoring.

We had play with the tug and soon it was bedtime so I set him down on the landing, with the door open to our room. I’m always up in the night so at about 3:30am we went out in the yard, then back to sleep upstairs. Percy woke me at 7:30 for his walk so off we went to another park at Hednesford and Jojo came with us this time.

On our return home we all had sausages for breakfast, boarding your dog with us really is the best way should you need to leave you dog to go on holiday for a few weeks or just like Percy for an overnight stay.  All my dear customer’s dogs receive great care and attention, lots of play, excercise, their owners can enjoy video and photo Pupdates online via Facebook and SMS.

You can see more of Percy’s adventures on my Facebook page @chase.hounds.

Thank you so much to Percy’s owners Louise and Kirsty , for your custom, and for making another future booking. I look forward to caring for Percy again soon.


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Welcome Charlie & Maisie

Charlie & Maisie visit Chasehounds Continue reading

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L-O-L-A Lola!

How could I resist Lola coming to stay? Isn’t she beautiful?

Lola has a lovely temperament, and looks fantastic. So loyal, and affectionate, great with children and other dogs, she is a credit to her owners. It gonna hurt to say goodbye to Lola, but I do hope to see her again.

Showing my age here but can’t stop singing to her, no surprise that she loves the great Ray Davies’s hit single with The Kinks,Waterloo Sunset, no …. only joking, of course it must be “LOLA”

And do you know, just like in the the song’s lyrics-

I asked her, her name and in a dark brown voice she said L O L A Lola la-la-la-la Lola!

So if it’s a mixed up, muddled up, shook up world  for you, and you need a Dog Boarder, call me Marc M-A-R-C at Chashounds!

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