Cider with Rosie (other beverages are available)

Welcome everybody to another blog from Chase Hounds, I must apologise firstly for not being able to blog about our boarding dogs since early August, this is purely down to being so busy during the holiday season.  I do update daily on my Chase Hounds Facebook page link –

That said, I’m delighted to share with you Rosie, a Golden Retriever bitch, as you can see she is beautiful. Remarkably I met her owners on a Dow boat in the Arabian sea whilst on holiday! Sounds far fetched but true, we caught a boat trip completely at random, and to our mutual surprise we discovered that we and Rosie’s owners came from the same town in England.

So after the holiday I sent some photos of our time together on the Dow, and later in the year the owners asked if we could board Rosie while they went away sailing again. Small world isn’t it!

Golden Retriever Jack Russell dog boarding staffordshireRosie seen above loved Brian’s company as he is full of energy and loves to play, they rolled around the lounge together playing most of the day. After boarding dogs for some time now, it never ceases to surprise me how dogs adapt to new surroundings quickly. You wonder to yourself, will they bond? They often do, as long as I am sensible with my choices as to what dogs are likely to get on with each other, and build my bookings diary according to their temperaments.


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