Dog Blog 2018.1

My blog is long over due, my last was in September, I’d gotten out of the habit, mainly updating my Facebook pages instead of my website, it simply won’t do….

So as a quick roundup since then, I can report that my intake of dogs has been fun, hectic at times, but all worth while.

We at Chasehounds assess all dogs presented to us for boarding or daycare for their health, sociability and temperament, but always within pet care guidelines,as your dog’s safety and needs must come first!

Moving on, below are a few images of my customer’s dogs posted here at random, enjoy.

Archie – American Bulldog Cross – a gentle, emotional soul, who loves to play.

Rory the Labrador, and Mishka the Siberian Husky return regularly for daycare

Mishka helps to socialize pups like Louis

Handsome Archie

Maggie the Staffy has regular walking from me.

Archie has a laugh, and Lulu returns for a holiday with us.

Rory at Haloween

Lola, pug cross is keen, alert and loves to have fun with other dogs.

Little Chester… Awwh say no more

Rosie returns for a holiday, gorgeous snowy white retriever, so caring with everyone, just lovely. She helps pups, and comforts them when tired.


Oscar above, and Arch below caring like a good daycare dad

A rare one, a Blue Frenchie, rang in the new year with us!

And finally, we look ahead to another year of offering quality care for your dogs.

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