Husky Mishka returns for some doggy daycare

I’m overjoyed to see Mishka again, and hasn’t she grown! She has been to puppy classes and now that her injections are complete we have been out for walks.

Wake up Mishka we need to get some exercise! I may regret that statement, as give her a couple of months and it will be me being woken up by her for another walk.
Those of you who have read my earlier blogs will have noticed how much she has grown since March. Lamb bones are a particular favorite of Mishka’s.
Mishka loves nothing more than being outside, which is typical of this breed. She has wonderful owners that understand her needs, she’s an outdoors girl, and is developing into a great example of the breed. When Mishka needs a rest she more often than not lies out in the yard. Occasionally she settles by me in the lounge, but only if I have all the doors and windows open! I guess it’s because her coat is geared up for Siberian Winters, and to her the U.K. climate is like that of Southern Spain to us Brits.

Wolfy looking Mishka knows what she wants, and that’s Meat, Walks, Sleep, oh and more Meat.

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