Maisie and Charlie dog boarding at chasehounds

We boarded two lovely dogs in June, for over 2 weeks, namely Charlie and Maisie. Here we see Charlie a Yorkshire Terrier how is now content after I cooked him mince. At first Charlie was a bit off his food, missing his owners, but got better throughout his stay.

Dog boarding at Chasehounds

Dog boarding at Chasehounds

During their stay Major returned to me for a few nights stay, he’s so lovable, and good with any other dogs. He helps me settle dogs in as he loves to play with new friends and this distracts the new boarders from missing home.

Maisie the Black Labrador (Charlie’s sister) enjoyed playing with Major, they were similar ages, and by their mutual behaviour, love would have been on the cards. However both dogs were neutered, I always check any dogs medical cards ┬áthat come here, before mixing them.

Maisie was so gentle and considerate, even though Major was distracting her affections, she always made time to check on her little brother Charlie.

Everyday, twice a day Maisie and Charlie had their walks, Charlie initially showed a lot of nervousness about going out. Their owners advised that we could sometimes leave Charlie at home, but I dont leave dogs in my care. As it turned out, once we left the house he loved it and walked every step next to his much bigger sister dog Maisie. I was really impressed with Charlie’s fitness.

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