Dog Walking Service

  • ½ hour walk     £7
  • 1 hour walk   £10

Please note the charge includes pick up and return to your home address within 5 mile radius. An additional cost would be charged above the 5 mile radius at a rate of 45p per mile.

Dogs will be towelled dried if necessary on return to their home at no extra charge, and I will ensure fresh water is available to them. No more than 4 dogs will be walked at any one time. 

A happy balanced dog requires daily exercise and mental stimulation. Each visit includes a walk in your neighborhood, playtime, positive reinforcement of any training exercises requested, fresh water, treats if allowed, any required feedings, and of course lots of love and attention!

For clients seeking regular dog walking visits Monday through Friday, my weekly dog walking packages reserve a time that fits your needs and ensures that your dog will be walked and played with on a regular and consistent basis.

My in home professional dog walking services offer the client peace of mind knowing they will return home to a happy and calm dog.

For clients who are temporarily away from home or traveling, I’ll see to your pets needs by

  • Preparing Special Diets
  • Feeding And Providing Fresh Water per your instructions
  • Washing Pet Dishes
  • Cleaning Litter Trays
  • Cleaning Bird Cages
  • Administering Medications, vitamins.
  • Dog Walking
  • Cleaning Up Messes
  • Playtime
  • Light Grooming and Massage
  • Collecting Mail and Newspapers
  • Filling Outdoor Feeders
  • Taking any Rubbish
  • Alternating Lights and Curtains
  • Checking doors/windows and the security of your home
  • Watering Plants
  • Cutting Lawns & light gardening (ask Marc for cost details)
  • A daily journal of care and services provided while you are away
  • Updates Via E-mail or Phone

Dog Day Care / Overnight Boarding

Need to go out but nobody free to look after your dog? Call Chase Hounds we’ll care for your dog for the day and we will ensure your pet gets exercise, play and lots of attention. We will help your dog to relax and have fun while you are away for the day. They can have new adventures enjoying our company and home. Plus as part of a full day’s care we offer dog’s in our care a walk.

All dogs must be vaccinated and a copy of the certificate shown

Opening hours 8am – 6pm

Day care fees

  • ½ day up to 5 hours       £10
  • Full day   10 hours           £15

I am flexible on timings, so please just ask and I will do my best to accommodate.

For a small additional fee I can arrange to collect your dog and return to their home.

Dogs must be fully vaccinated and their certificate shown at time of boarding.

You will need to provide your pet with enough food to cover their stay.

Don’t forget to bring their favourite toy and/or blanket to help them settle.

Overnight boarding fees

I charge £20 per night per dog. If 2 dogs board with us from the same household together the rate is discounted to £30 per night for both dogs.

Pet Home Visiting

If your pet needs a home visit, whilst you’re away for the day or longer Chase Hounds can help if you need somebody to pop in to feed them, ensure they are happy and change the litter tray for the cats.

  • Cats /Rabbits   £6 per visit within 5 mile radius   ( 45p per mile extra above 5 miles )
  • Dogs   £7 per 20 minute visit within 5 mile radiusAbout

Meet & Greet

In order for me to provide the best possible care for your pets and home, a free initial consultation must be made before services can be provided. During this 30 minute visit, it will give us all the chance to meet one another and make sure everyone is comfortable moving forward.

A detailed service agreement will also be filled out, which gives me necessary information about your pet and home and also authorises me to be in your home while you are not there.

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