We love Brian!

We welcome Brian today! We have been playing in the garden, fetch the ball, and pull, he’s very good at both. Brian is very playful & intelligent he’s as clever as Brian Cox, and full of life like Brian Blessed. Do you know another famous Brian?

Jack Russell

Jack Russell

Anyone that meets Brian will fall for him, he has such a character, his owners asked us to wear him out a little as they were concerned he was getting upset and lonely in the daytime  whilst they were both at work. And as a result of being left alone in the day he was full of beans at night when they were understandably tired.

 We at Chasehounds offer a great service to make sure any dogs in our care are entertained and fully exercised, so that they are more content for their owners at home. I’ll let these picture below tell the story, we see Brian weekly now and that’s just great!


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